Tot School: Week One Plan

This is just a plan. It’s the very first week I’m even going to try so I do not know what to expect. At the end of the week I will post what we really did and any changes I think I should make for the following weeks.

I do not want to have to try and keep her interested for an hour so I’m going to split the day up into two parts: 10am and 2:30pm. I only have one child so this is easier for me than most. On Wednesdays and Fridays I hope to attend a early learning center that my husbands aunt owns so we will not do the 10am and move the 2:30 block to around 4 because as soon as she gets home from that she’ll take a nap until at least 3, I’m sure.

I’m going to state my plan and at the bottom I’m going to try to find at least two (if not more) extra things I can include just in case it doesn’t go my way. I’m hoping, however, that even if things don’t go my way, that I have still OVER planned in order not to HAVE TO use this.

Remember this is what I’m including this week

Letter: A

Object: Apple

Color: Red

Theme: Fruits

Books: Apples, Apples, Apples & My First As Book

Animal: {Fire} Ant

Without further ado. here it is…

List of Materials Needed for the Week:

Printables from 1+1+1=1, various books, plastic fruit, red objects, yarn, paper cutter, paper As (or sticker As) green&brown&red paint, construction paper, canvus (or white construction paper), stickers (or amazing dot markers I won’t be able to get until I’m back in the states), glue, apples, cinnamon, other red objects, markers or crayons and… I think that will cover it


10:00: Story time – Read weekly letter book plus 2-3 more depending on mood

10:10: Printables –  Color the A, Draw lines from one apple to the next, Dots on the As

10:20: Gather up the fruit and find the red ones

2:30: Cooking class: Applesauce: Will wash the apples, peel them, and cut them. Boil them. (Will have to take a break here while they cook)

2:40: Read weekly book (not letter book) plus 2-3 more depending on mood

2:50: Find other red objects around the house

???: When apples are done boiling. Add cinnamon. Mash. Enjoy!


10:00: Story time – Read weekly letter book plus 2-3 more depending on mood

10:10: Printable –  Draw line from one object to the next, string lacing, color A objects, Ant craft (not printable)

10:20: Music and songs, outside time to see if we can find any ants

2:30: Shopping Extravaganza: Go to the market that is near our house and look at all the different kinds of fruit. Buy some. Explain while doing so.

2:40: The above will probably take more than ten minutes, but just in case..Count the amount of fruit we bought…whatever it is, ten strawberries, two apples, one avocado.

2:50: Read weekly book (not letter book) plus 2-3 more depending on mood


Hopefully we will be having morning preschool at the early education center so are only tot school activity will be in the afternoon. It will depend on what time she wakes from her nap, since the schedule will be slightly off. (Nap is usually around 11-11:30, see my toddler routine for more info on that) I’m going to plan for four pm.

4:00 Read both weekly books, plus 1-3 more depending on mood

4:10 Printable: Apple inside the shape, Coloring apples, pasting A’s inside apple

4:20 Match plastic fruit (or real, depending) with fruit picture


10:00: Story time – Read weekly letter book plus 2-3 more depending on mood

10:10: Printable –  Color apples/draw lines, shadow apples, number of apples

10:20: More A things, name an object and act it out. (Example: Ambulance-wee-oo-wee-oo or Aligator or Angry, anything A)

2:30: Apple tree craft

2:40: Red fruit hunt

2:50: Read weekly book (not letter book) plus 2-3 more depending on mood


This is another day we may be going to the preschool so there will be no morning “class”. Also because it’s Friday, the last day of week one I think I’m just going to choose her favorite activities and repeat those rather than coming up with more. Hopefully she liked some so that I have that option. Just in case I’ll list some  possible activities just not in any order like the days before

Other possible Activities: Nature excursion (take a walk and pick up items) plant apple seeds from apple, extra printables, ant anatomy, ant attraction (with an apple, maybe!)

Some things may be too advanced for little Em right now, I’m not sure. I still plan on trying. She probably won’t draw a line from one apple to the next, but you have to start somewhere. All I know that no child is ever to young to learn. What’s important is we are exploring together and I’m exposing her to new things. Mastery isn’t important right now, it’s the time we spend together having fun.

At the end of the week, I’ll post about what happened. Wish me luck!


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